The town’s business community is a core player in the future of Bradford on Avon. We believe it is in the community’s own interest to promote the strengths of the town and exploit opportunities for growth and development. BoA Business exists not only to help boost the economic activity and success of its 500 members, but also as one of the key partners in the future of the town.

This is reflected in a number of ways:

– networking events – providing opportunities for members to work with each other and to build their skills and capabilities.

– promote the business community to a broader public, including the investment community.

– provide a source of information for links to property and development opportunities.

– work with other groups (e.g. Town Council, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, BoA Preservation Trust) to promote core strengths in the town and, where relevant, to defend the town’s economic and built environment heritage – while ensuring that any future development supports the business community.

– provide the creative force to help the town drive major projects, while also providing a view on the business impact of these and other projects – such as insisting that any future housing provision includes employment space to take account of those moving to the town.

– initiate and lead other focused initiatives that will benefit the business community and the wider town community. Central among these might be physical and technology infrastructure improvements designed to help the business community but also benefit the broader community.

– explore and exploit other opportunities for the business community as a whole.