… is a community of 500 businesses and individuals working in and around Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Membership is free and open to all businesses in the area.

We are an open membership business community that is free to join. We invite all businesses based in Bradford on Avon and the surrounding area to get involved. To join, we just need your email address – or follow us on Twitter – or join our LinkedIn group.

You will be invited to events, asked for your views and invited to contribute in any way you like. At present, our events are run at cost, or are free of charge.

The success of this business group relies on wider participation and a supportive enthusiasm for getting things done. We believe in a positive view of the town. We encourage constructive ideas and solutions that help drive progress and beneficial change.

If you have a good idea, why not start the ball rolling yourself and we will help you roll it further? We probably know someone who can help!

Our aims are:

1) To create an effective network based on mutual support to help each other develop our businesses

2) To give business a voice on the key issues effecting Bradford on Avon and surrounding villages.

3) To run a calendar of events that encourage businesses to share knowledge and celebrate successes, while providing networking opportunities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4) To contribute positively to the economic and social sustainability of the town by supporting community events.